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Are you want to know importance of a bike helmet? But you probably don’t what is the benefit of a helmet! So, don’t worry about it .In this whole article we will explain you about Most Important Reasons To Wear A Helmet.

What is a helmet?

A helmet is a form of protective gear worn to protect the head from injuries. More specifically, a helmet aids the skull in protecting the human brain. Ceremonial or symbolic helmets (e.g. UK policeman’s helmet) without protective function are sometimes used. The oldest known use of helmets was by Assyrian soldiers in 900 BC, who wore thick leather or bronze helmets to protect the head from blunt object and sword blows and arrow strikes in combat. Soldiers wear helmets, often made from lightweight plastic materials.

example of HelmetHow a helmet protect a biker

Brain injureMost Important Reasons To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet


The word helmet is diminutive from helm, a medieval word for protective combat headgear. The medieval great helm covers the whole head and often is accompanied with camail protecting throat and neck as well. Originally a helmet was a helm which covered the head only partly and protected it from injury in accidents.

In civilian life, helmets are used for recreational activities and sports (e.g. jockeys in horse racing, American football, ice hockey, cricket, baseball, camogie, hurling and rock climbing); dangerous work activities (e.g. construction, mining, riot police); and transportation (e.g. motorcycle helmets and bicycle helmets). Since the 1990s, most helmets are made from resin or plastic, which may be reinforced with fibers such as aramids.

Why Is It So Important To Wear A Helmet On Motorcycles?

Of course, is that a cyclist should wear a bike helmet. In 2010 we saw an increase in blog posts from cyclists who do not believe you should wear a helmet. They challenged the conventional wisdom that helmets are necessary to reduce brain injures. That has continued now for the intervening years. The positive experience with shared bicycle programs has raised basic questions about the need for helmets, and some riders are reconsidering.

The latest traffic safety facts published by the U.S. Department of Transportation reveal an astounding 45,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic with 818 reported fatalities in just one year. One way to protect yourself from injury is to wear a helmet whenever you ride, whether the law requires you to do so or not. Lets see the important reasons to Wear a Bike Helmet..

To Protect Your Head and Brain

To Protect Your Head and Brain

The number one reason to wear a helmet when riding your bike is to protect your head and brain. The U.S. Department of Transportation points out that, over the course of the past few years, only 17 percent of fatally-injured bicyclists were actually wearing helmets. They go on to say that if a bicyclist wears a helmet, he reduces his chance of head injury by 50 percent and his chance of head, face and neck injury by 33 percent.

To Set an Example for Children


Helmet Example for Children

A parent’s role is not only to keep little ones safe, but also to guide them in learning how to make wise choices. The best way to do this is to lead by example, as children are more inclined to mimic what their parents are doing, not just obey verbal commands. If your kids see you wearing a helmet every time you climb on your bike, they’re more likely to follow suit without giving it another thought.

As Protection From the Weather


Helmet As Protection From the Weather

If your bicycle is your main mode of transportation, you may have to ride to and from work even if the weather isn’t ideal. In this case, your helmet offers protection from the elements. Your hair will stay nice and dry in the rain and warm and toasty in the snow. The helmet also protects cyclists from the sun’s harmful UV rays during the summer.

Improve Your Ability to See


Helmets Improve Your Ability to See

When the weather is less than ideal, and precipitation is part of your bike ride, a helmet can improve your capacity to see other drivers on the road, as well as potential hazards, by keeping water or snow out of your eyes (when the helmet has a visor). On the same note, a helmet with a visor can also help to shade your face, improving your vision by mitigating the effects of sunlight in your eyes.


To Make Yourself Seen


Helmet help To Make Yourself Seen

Although cars will be able to see you clearly on the road during the day, you’ll be almost invisible to them at night. Some helmets come with built-in reflectors that will help oncoming cars spot you from a distance. Others are designed to allow you to mount a headlamp on them. If you can’t find a helmet like this, you can always purchase reflector tape and run a few strips across your traditional helmet.

To Show Off Your Style


Helmet Show Off Your Style

Your bicycle helmet gives you a chance to show off your style. While you can certainly select a helmet made in a solid color, you can also purchase one with a design. Animal lovers may prefer a helmet with adorable kittens on it. Scientists may opt for a helmet with the planets displayed from front to back. There are also helmets with flowers, the American flag, lightning bolts and sports teams on them.

You’ll Be Following the Law


You’ll Be Following the Law of ware a helmet

There is no over-arching state law in Washington that mandates cyclists to wear a helmet. However, there are some local ordinances—such as one in Bellevue—that require all or certain riders to wear a helmet.

Keep Your Head Warm and Dry


Helmet keeps your Head Warm and Dry

If you are bike riding at a time of year when the weather is wet or chilly, a bicycle helmet can help to keep your head nice and dry. In turn, this can contribute to trapping escaping heat from your body, aiding in keeping you warm and comfortable while riding.

Protect Your Face


Helmet Protect Your Face

Not only does a helmet protect your brain and your head, but it can also protect your face, too. While it is uncommon for facial injuries to be fatal, they can be extremely painful, disfiguring, and cost thousands of dollars’ worth of medical intervention to correct.

Reduce Your Risk


Helmet Reduce Your Risk

Even if you believe that a bike accident was the fault of the other driver, if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of your crash, the other party may try to pin partial fault of the accident, and your related injuries, on you. You can mitigate this risk before it happens by always wearing your helmet.



More Reasons to Wear a Bicycle Helmet :

  • It can help make you more visible.
  • Some people look really cool in a helmet.
  • You must wear a helmet on a Bicycle Habitat ride.
  • 88% of all cyclist brain injuries could be avoided.
  • If you are under 14 years old the law requires it.
  • You won’t have to listen to your mother say: “You should have been wearing a helmet,” when you wake up in the hospital.😋
  • A head injury can ruin your whole day.
  • Helmets are less likely to damage the asphalt.
  • 900 People die each year in bicycle accidents, 75% of them from head injuries.
  • Huh?


So the moral of the story is if you don’t have a helmet get one, if you do have one wear it. Make sure your helmet fits and if it is over 5 years old, get a new one and make sure it is fitted correctly. 



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