Find out why Airflow this helmet is called Best mountain bike helmet 2017.

Welcome to our latest helmet review guide. Today I am going to review about Airflow best mountain bike helmet. So, I hope your guys will get it using this helpful as well as informative. My destination is to help you buy some awesome helmet from online. TeamObsidian of airflow is the best mountain bike helmet in the helmet company. They are developing their own items through their own website and e-commerce websites. Now I am going to review helmet product for you.

Discover a high multiplication helmet that glory and feels great on your head. Subtle and polished, it’s large enow to save you but slim enough to look excellent. The high-quality implement and the Matte Finish give it a gorgeous look you’ll never find in shiny cheap helmets. And, this airflow also a womens bike helmets enjoy oneself the OVAL SHAPED model and you’ll never want to go behind to the round and uneasy helmets again.


TeamObsidian of  Best mountain bike helmet airflow product


  • The gorgeous Airflow is the Best mountain bike helmet provides you security attached with cutting-edge features. Airflow utilizes in-mold advanced technology to mix an American made, elaborate polystyrene shell. joint with a  frieze outer plastic layer which will provide you with upper protection. In this new patented adjustment system allow to adjust the helmet vertically and horizontally and it is backed by the “perfect fit security.”
  • The Airflow helmet has 22 high air flow vents which have the ability of 30 standard vents to give you inimitable ventilation. The Airflow model of the helmet will give you so, much-satisfied fit when likened to traditional round models.
  • Airflow Bike helmet is well known for their “defender light” fit and soft design. The visor is removable so, you can use also it both road and mountain biking. I place, that the helmet is incredibly simple to fit because the straps are quick to adjust and give an expansive range of fit.
  • This helmet is ideal for long rides because of its deft ventilation system. Even when the weather will be warm, I found that the Airflow helmet that will so much comfortable. I was only aware of it. Made from quality materials, the helmet is very stable with just the right amount of padding.
  • .LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY against defects and a PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE so you can order knowing that if it doesn’t fit right we’ll replace it immediately or refund your money. Take advantage of this RISK-FREE PURCHASE and invest in your safety…and your looks.

Of course, not everybody will find the helmet to be a perfect fit for their head but you shouldn’t have any exposure.

Best mountain bike helmet

TeamObsidian  of  Best mountain bike helmet airflow product


 Lightweight, but very stable and immune to thrust, this can be a high-performance helmet made with an unthinkable attention to main points and the finest implement to be had. Why select it?

REAL SAFETY! Inexpensive plastic helmets do small to offer to save to you in case of a fall. Prime-quality helmets just as the Team Obsidian Airflow Mountain bike helmets are built during the in-mold leading technology. The American Made EPS is molded under the press to create a frieze EPS (expanded polystyrene shell) defensive layer molten in conjunction with the super-strong, frieze outer plastic layer so as to uniformly drabble up the push of an have an outcome on.

Materials and Overall Design

It’s an American product, the Obsidian shape close-fitting quality control. They use a thick layer of EPS molten into a strong plastic outer shell for a protected design. It is sold in a nice matte black and a goodly matte white.

Ride in Comfort

It has a beautiful look with oval features for comfort. There are satisfied pads along the abuse straps and throughout the helmet. These are removable and washable, something I was pleased to see. There are 22 ventilation ports for maximum air drift. The company even offers a money back faithful fit guarantee.

Adjusting for the Perfect Fit

The company grant two sizes. That said, they have a very corrupted fitting system that will swiftly and easily shape the helmet to your head for satisfied protection. It has an emblematic dial style rear coordination device that I found soft to loosen and tighten as needed.

Weight and Long-Term Wear

It’s like a casual helmet, this one is fair lightweight. You won’t have any matter keeping it on for all day rides.


  • great for mountain biking.
  • Great value.
  • Cover adjustable visor.


  • Runs a bit small.
  • Padding could be deep.
  • Some Customer complains that the strap rub around the ears.


Obsidian Airflow helmet is a very good helmet for your security. It can give you a more pretty look of your bike riding time. It’s very amazing and beautiful. So, If you are really wanna Airflow best mountain bike helmet, then you will really praise for this model. Airflow mountain bike helmets, 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 on average and 86 percent give a 5-star review. They are many buyers gave overall positive reviews on Amazon.

By the way, I give the Obsidian Airflow top marks in all class and is the best mountain bike helmets under $100.

Best mountain bike helmet


Frequently Asked Question

Obsidian Airflow helmet is an extremely good helmet for your safety. Especially, it can give you a more beautiful look of your bike riding time. It’s very amazing and beautiful. If you are really wanna this womens bike helmets for women also, then you will really appreciate for this model. TeamObsidian of airflow, 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average and 71 percent are given a 5-star review. There are many buyers are gave overall positive reviews on Amazon.

  1. What is the shape of the helmet? narrow oval, intermediate oval, or round oval?

         Ans: I’m not sure but it fits great……..

  1. My head size is 58cm, what’s the recommended size? Both sizes cover it.

         Ans: The helmet is adjustable by twisting knob on the back to expand or contract – works really well!

  1. Does the L part of the claimed size of M/L truly correspond to 60 cm in circumvention?

         Ans:  Hi AGT, Calin here from TeamObsidian. Thank you for the question.

M/L size really fits head circumferences from 58 to 62 cm. It will fit 60 cm with no problems.

  1. Is the material of the helmet carbon?

          Ans: No. I believe it is an abs plastic. The helmet is very comfortable.

  1. Is this helmet certified or rated for impact in any way? I see no labels on my new purchase to indicate if it meets any minimum standards.

          Ans:  Yes…I meet all helmet standards.

My Opinion

Finally, I’m highly publishing this helmet for each kind of people. For all of the gorgeous features, you should try one. And, I think it is one of the best helmets. I’ve written this Airflow best mountain bike helmet review for all of the valuable reason.



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